Humanity as a collective is going through a big shift.
There is nothing strange or new about that. Evolution is a natural part of life.
Big shifts are of all times but don’t happen overnight.
Uncountable small steps have let to this point in time and now we have arrived at a tipping point.

Earth and all its inhabitants are shifting into a higher frequency.

The whole solar system is moving into what is called the photon belt.
A belt filled with Light. We could say that our solar system is coming out of a dark tunnel and emerges into Light. It will stay in this photon belt for approximately 2000 years.

So what automatically happens is that everything that could be hidden and stay invisible in this dark tunnel slowly but surely will become visible.
The dark represents our individual and collective shadow.
What we call darkness is nothing else than a low frequency reality where we came to believe that we are separate from Source.
Fear, anger, jealously…all the emotions we label as “negative” carry a low frequency.
They can’t continue to exist at that low frequency when it is bombarded by countless particles of Light.

It causes some chaos and uncertainty, but it is a neccessary step in our evolution.
This happens in each individual and in the world as a whole.
Old power structures and old belief systems are falling apart.
Structures based on power over…outer authorities to whom we have given our power away.
Where we have sacrificed our authenticity, our inner Light, in order to belong.

The time we are living in now offers the opportunity for our Souls to make a big jump in evolution through transforming this shadow into Light by raising our frequency.
To own and live life from our inner authority.
To learn to consciously choose love. To learn to respond instead of react.
To see life from a bigger perspective, the perspective of Source.
The high frequency energies are truly helpful right now to make this happen.
It can feel very uncomfortable. And when we feel uncomfortable we like to hold on to what we know.

Our Souls are the gateway to connect back to Source.

Deep within each and everyone of us lives the memory of what it means to be whole, to feel complete, to be Love. We all come from the same Source.
And consciously or subconsciously we are all seeking our way back to Source.
What we have learned is to look outside ourselves for something or somebody to complete us.
To make us happy or bring us some kind of fulfillment.
To fill the inner gap that we all, consciously or subconsciously, feel inside of us.

Right now is a great opportunity to become aware of this inner gap and where you have given your power away. To become aware that you can let go of any old pain, trauma, old beliefs that no longer serve you. That do not resonate with this higher frequency, the Light that you are.

This collective background frequency will continue to raise. It can’t be stopped.
Of course you can stop it yourself by resisting it, but why would you?
Why wouldn’t you choose love and light over fear and darkness?
Why won’t you make the effort to contribute to raising the frequency by liberating yourself and shifting your perspective?

What happens when you do?
It means you reconnect with who you truly are.
Not the belief system that conditioned you as a child, or your cultural and social conditioning.
These have created the illusion that you are separate from Source. You are not.

You are an authentic being that carries everything within yourself to be happy and fulfilled.

Knowing that you are everything you seek, that you are One with Source, One with life.

When we live life aligned with our True Selves every feeling of not good enough will disappear. You will feel no need at all to compare yourself to others, to fight others, to hurt others, to hold others responsible for your life or what happened to you. This will bring you an enormous sense of freedom.
You will see that life is and always has been perfect the way it is.
It was inviting you to awaken to your True Self.

Do you feel called to contribute to a world that unites and that invites each and every one to express their unique gifts? To be authentic and free?

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