Visionaries have always been around.
They are often the ones with a bigger perspective, that carry the seed in their Soul to bring change and be a pioneer for humanity.
Throughout history they were ignored, ridiculed, put in prison or killed.
Mostly for those things that are now common ground.
Who they were or what they shared apparently scared a lot of people.

Brave souls have always been around.
We know the big names like Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, Etty Hillesum.
But there have been so many souls with a lot of courage who brought in new frequencies and explored new realities. Who’s “religion” has always been Love.
At this time a lot of Souls have incarnated  that carry a bigger vision, because humanity is going through a huge shift in consciousness.
They are here to facilitate that. They work hard to clear the energy and to transform fear, so the Light can be anchored on Earth.

A visionary doesn’t fight the existing reality! That will only create more friction.
They silently build a new one, but they don’t hold back from revealing their vision.
They guide people who are ready to awaken into a new perspective.
If their vision doesn’t resonate with others they are totally ok with it.
They see that everyone is exactly where they need to be.
They have an open mind and will never say that they have The Truth.

Our reality changes every moment of the day.
And sometimes your life can radically change overnight.
Your partner tells you he or she wants to leave you, you can get sick, lose your job or a loved one, be hit by lightening and receive huge insights that turn your world upside down.
Then you find yourself in a totally new reality. Same life, different reality.
Be open minded, don’t reject what you haven’t explored or experienced.
Nothing is what is seems.
Just know, the more connected you feel with your Inner Light, the more Light you see.