One of the first questions we get when we meet new people or go to a gathering or party:

What do you do for a living?

It may sound strange but for me it is a difficult question.
“If you get that question so often” I can hear you think, “ then by now you could have a nice answer to it.
A smooth elevator pitch or something like that.”

Uh no, because I can’t do it. I’ve honestly tried it, but it is not me.
I can’t do smooth pitches. It doesn’t feel genuine.
I did look inside to see if I was holding on to an old escape route where I didn’t dare to step forward into the world and show myself.
That has certainly been the case for a long time, but not any more.
One of the reasons for not daring to do so was that I tried to fit in so I wouldn’t be judged,
For so long I tried to belong to …to what?
I gave up.

For me it was high time to stop trying to fit into a neat little box with a label on it.
Boxes with labels are made so we can understand each other.
Comes in very handy when I go to the butchers and know I can buy meat there, or bread at the bakery.
So I do understand that labels are important to some extent.

In social terms it is so normal that we ask each other:
What did you do today?
What do you do for a living?

But does anybody ever ask you:
Who were you today?
Who do you chose to be tomorrow?

Probably it will get quiet and perhaps some slight confusion will occur, may be not even an answer comes to mind.
We are so used to sharing what we do.
What is really needed is we make the shift from our minds to our hearts.

That is what is important for me: Being Love.
I can label myself: coach, teacher, healer, therapist…..but all these labels are slightly off.
If I could make a mix of all these labels perhaps that would work.

But maybe this lies at the heart of it all: I do not fit into a box with a label on it.

I have taken several business and marketing trainings. You feel it coming….  didn’t work for me.
I don’t have a quick fix for your wounds, I don’t want to bring you in with beautiful promises and sharp offers.
I only  send newsletters when I feel I have something to share.
I don’t want to tie you to me in any way.
Freedom and happiness are at the top of my list.
You and only you know what is best for you.

Connecting with you from a place of freedom and discovery…..that is what I want.

So what do I have to offer then?

Getting to know yourself as the Love that you are, transforming what is no longer serving you.
Finding like mindedness when perhaps you feel “different”.
Relaxation and release.

I have learned that everything in life unfolds at the right time.
I believe in autonomy, in “divine timing”, in coming Home to your Self and following the path and energy that is uniquely You.
Those are the values of the “New Consciousness”.

The past 20 years I worked hard, mostly inner work to heal and transform.
Besides that life brought me intense and special challenges, which also included taking care of others.
I am greatful that I had the time and space in my life to do so. Life has been taking good care of me.
Inner work is very often not visible for the outside world and therefore not seen as work.
But to me it is the most important work that is needed to create a world that is based on Love.

So for all those people who want to know what I do?
Straight from the heart only one answer is possible:
Being Love and holding space for you to be who you are.
Nothing to (im) prove, but meeting yourself.

True love means growing into who you really are.
To make the (re) connection between you and YOU.