Looking from your Self instead of looking
for your Self

We often get stuck in events, old fears and stories that are deeply anchored withn us.
They create separation from our true selves.
We will talk about and look at where you are right now and what is happening in your life.

Where astrology provides insight into the evolutionary path of your Soul, Human Design provides practical tools to start living from your true Self.
Gene Keys is a path of contemplation. Here we dive deeper into stillness and we look into the expression of the keys in your life.
On the bookingsform you choose which session you want: Soulastrology, Human design
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What are your life questions?
Where are you looking for more insight and peace?
Where are you giving away your authority to others?
Where do you get stuck in your story?

Every person holds everything within to live a fulfilled life.
Major challenges may come our way in order to learn about ourselves and to grow.
Sometimes a different perspective can be just the key to see through your story and start living more from your true Self.

Sessions can be in either Dutch or English.
One hour session: 111 euros