For me the horoscope is a cosmic wheel of consciousness consisting of 12 archetypes.
These archetypes are the building blocks of human consciousness.
Every person carries all archetypes within them but some play a greater role in your life than others.

There are many different movements within astrology and every astrologer has a unique way of working.
The perspective and life experience of the astrologer always shines through in the interpretation.

Soul astrology is about the deep evolutionary desire of the Soul.
For me the Soul is an archive full of stories.
Time and time again the Soul creates a new vehicle, our personality, to re-examine certain old themes, to heal, to grow and gain new insights.

Through soul astrology I have learned to see “the logic” of my life.
Why time and time again some things don’t work out, why I feel drawn to deep self-exploration and why the same challenges keep coming back.
The Soul has the greater perspective and organizes life in such a way that it can develop its evolutionary desire.