With the world in a state of rapid change and an overload of information many of us are finding it increasingly difficult to navigate our reality. The way we have directed our lives in the past is no longer working for us and we can easily feel overwhelmed and lost.
The Human Design system shows a totally new way of showing up in the world.
It is not a system with answers about how you can live your life, but rather how you can find your own answers.
By following the energy of your design and embodying your inner wisdom you will start to feel more powerful and self-confident.

But don’t take our word for it. Come and experience it for yourself.

Join us for 4 days and immerse yourself in the incredible energy of Human Design.
During these days we offer a combination of theory and physical exercises.
You will not only learn the basic knowledge of Living your Design, but through the physical experience you will truly understand your design on a deeper level

Learning about Human Design and getting a reading is very informative and enlightening, but nothing is more empowering than actually experiencing your design live.

  • Learn to read your chart
  • Learn and experience what the different aura types radiate and how they interact.
  • What it means for you when your centers are open or defined
  • How to apply your strategy and authority.

You will gain enough understanding of this system to be able to not only navigate and direct yourself through life, but also to understand and support others.
You will learn the basics on how to read the energy in a chart.
You will have the opportunity to participate in exercises to help you experience your own design and feel the influence of others in the group which supports your ability to recognise what you learn in theory through direct experience.
You will find yourself having many aha moments about your life and interactions with others and walk away with insights and tools to support yourself and your relationships going forward.

This retreat is designed to take you on a journey of self-exploration and to deeply empower you to embody your innate wisdom so that you feel secure and confident in your decisions as you navigate your way through life.

The retreat will be held in English but we can also explain some things in Dutch and Swedish when needed.

My personal experience with Human Design:

After following the basic Living your Design course with Jennifer I participated in a 3 days Live Immersion with Mary Ann Winiger.
I was completely surprised at how much impact this had for me.
I not only experienced who I am, but especially who I am not.
How deeply I am conditioned in my open centers.
How powerful and also exciting it is to follow my strategy and authority.
It has brought me a deep inner peace.



Jennifer Langstone –Raising Vibrations, Sweden.

Jennifer is a 1/3 Emotional Projector on the Cross of Planning

“My saving grace in this life has been to find my place in the world as a part of something greater than myself, the knowing that no matter how lost I may feel I am exactly where I need to be. My passion is sharing that with others and guiding them to live the life that truly reflects their individual truth and place in the world. The primary tools I use to for this are the very systems which have brought me deeper into myself and empowered me to feel confident in my knowing and my direction. The two systems which perfectly reflect my life and the lives of so many others I have worked with. Evolutionary Astrology and Human Design have and continue to reveal the depth and complexity of life and our reality in such a beautifully practical and digestible way. I honestly don’t know where I’d be without them.”

Marianne de Wolff –  Sense into your Soul , The Netherlands

Marianne is a 4/6 Sacral Manifesting Generator on the Cross of The Unexpected

I have always been on a quest for the deeper meaning of life. The big question: “Who am I really?” took me on a long journey of deep self-exploration. It meant liberating myself from limiting beliefs, old fears and pain, seeing though illusions and embracing life the way it is. Evolutionary astrology, Human Design and Gene Keys are three tools that have and continue to give me deep insight in the journey of my Soul. Knowing that the “Soul is always on schedule” brought me a deep inner peace. It is my passion to contribute to a world where people share their inner wisdom and unique gifts in service of the greater good.

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