The Global Heart of Mother Earth
is knocking at our door
some open it, some don’t know how
some completely ignore.

The funny thing of life is
that we all are One
That what may seem separate
is an illusion of our minds
That her heart is also yours and mine
beating together as One.

This time we live in is about we
and not about more me
more, more, more,
destroys more than you realize
And when you finally can see it
when it is right in front of your eyes
you may regret you didn’t listen now

Wake up, life is knocking at your door
knocking at the door of your heart.
Are you listening or ignoring?
Are you willing to open it?
To help shift this world into a place
of light for everyone
and not the happy few?

To do the work?
To show up to who you really are?
To share, to love, to shine
To embrace the pain and old wounds
that come with opening that door?

I know it is challenging
I know it may seem easier to keep it locked
but in the end it is not
It is rewarding to free yourself
to let the Light in
that will help open doors for others too
To let the love in
that will open hearts of others too

That is how we create a different world
A network of love and light
It starts with you and me
By opening that door.