A few weeks ago I received the greatest gift ever.
These 5 little words made a huge difference in my life.

Inspired by so many different people, spiritual teachers, coaches, therapists, lovers, friends and those who challenged me big time.
It is time.
Time to rise up but also time to let go.
To let go of trying to live up to expectations, those of myself, those of others or society.
To let go of should have’s, feelings of lack and trying to fit in.
To let go of judgment, of needing approval, of wanting things to be different.

I travelled a long path of learning, of healing,
of understanding and transforming myself.
I looked into every corner of my being.
It has made me rich beyond words. A richness that I will take with me for Eternity. A richness that wants to be shared.

Newness is emerging on the horizon, newness is emerging inside of me.
No more expectations, nothing to accomplish or to proof.
Just being a vessel of Love, of the energy of Creation to move through me.
Co-creating with it, co-creating with life, the highs and the lows, nature, the planets, the stars, the Earth.
It is all here waiting.

Your soul is on schedule.
These magical words opened a door for me, helped me to relax and to start living the LOVE that I AM.
To wholeheartedly embrace ME, my clarity and my wisdom.
To rely on my inner voice and knowing.

The newness is bubbling up inside of me.
I will walk the path of inspired action to create my biggest dream: Creating a network of Love.

To inspire, to uplift, to share and to care, to be present, have heart to heart talks, help raise the frequency to guide each other HOME.