The perfect partner.

THE PERFECT PARTNER – INTO YOU I SEE ME. Relationships bring out the best and the worst in us. We are always in relationship with something or someone. Friends, family, environment, colleagues, pets. Why do relationships trigger the highs and lows within us? Deep friendships, our colleagues, but ultimately our love relationships offer the [...]

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The Fear of Dying

I have been working in a hospice for some years now. Time and again I am touched by the love and compassion of the people working there. And touched by the way people are leaving the Earth. The guests in the hospice know the final stage of their lives is here. Some stay for hours, [...]

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The warming up of our emotional bodies

Just like the ice that is melting, you could say that the same is happening with our emotional bodies. For centuries we let ourselves be ruled by our minds freezing our inner emotional selves. Not allowing to express what lived within and to let our feelings flow. Our masculine, mental structures creating an armour [...]

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A special meeting with a special woman

Last January Jos and I visited Florida. Grabbing some sunshine and visiting our friend Penney Peirce, who lives there. Two years ago we organized an event for Penney in the Netherlands. Penny asked if we wanted to get in touch with a friend of hers, Clardy Malugen. Because Clardy also wanted to bring her [...]

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Today the silence is so intense so filled with everything No noise of words, just BEING Thoughts passing by without feeling the need to possess them. Connected with the soft humming of nature the heartbeat of Mother Earth the warm attention of the Sun Silence, Love, Perfection Everything is present From silence the impulse [...]

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Through the eyes of Love

Through the eyes of Love my look on life changed I saw the gift in my challenges my feelings of lack changed into feelings of abundance The world around me changed because I learned to see it differently Life keeps  giving me what I give her she mirrors me what I believe I just [...]

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A few weeks ago I received the greatest gift ever. Someone said: YOUR SOUL IS ON SCHEDULE. These 5 little words made a huge difference in my life. Inspired by so many different people, spiritual teachers, coaches, therapists, lovers, friends and those who challenged me big time. It is time. Time to rise up [...]

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