Hello 2016.
Everywhere I see lots of new initiatives.
Live your dream, become visible, be authentic.
A new start, new programs, new challenges.
And me, I am living in a bubble of mourning
The end of November we totally unexpected had to let go of our dog.
Not even a month later my Mum suddenly transitioned.
The sad ending of an intense 2015.

The world of beautiful plans comes to a stand still and I find myself in a different reality.
Deep sadness, but also marvelous wonder.
Again I am deeply touched by a realness that feels so immense.
This has nothing to do with everything you do or did during your life,
but everything with who you truly are.
Together with my partner Jos I sat with my Mum when she transitioned.
She put me on this Earth and I felt so privileged to be present during her process of leaving the Earth.

So close and intimately together.
The world continues as it should.
But during these special moments, at the end of life, again I so deeply feel life is truly about Love.

Love, the silent Presence, that creates space for someone to experience what needs to be experienced.
That liberates and encourages without words, but with great intensity.

These special moments that show life in its purest form without any masks, reveal the pureness of Being.
That to me is authentic living.

I really want to stay in this bubble for a little longer.
It is so clear and tangible that life continues and still the physical goodbye brings a lot of sadness.
A new phase has started without my parents here on Earth but with two special angels who will always be by my side.