Just be “yourself” is what we often hear or say to others.
But do we really know what “being yourself” exactly means?
Our minds are usually firmly in place when it comes to controlling our lives.

The Bodygraph of Human Design provides information about your unique aura design.
As with astrology, it is based on your birth data.
A simple method that provides insight into how we interact with the world around us.
How we can make decisions as our true self and not with our minds.

Where we are undefined and therefore open to external influences.
In these centers we often do not know who we really are.

But also where we are defined and where we have our own energy available.
What does that exactly mean and how do you deal with it.

Human Design provides practical tools for how we can live our lives from our true self.
How you can best use your energy in your life.
What fits and what doesn’t? How is your mind talking to you?
Learning and living with this has given me a lot of inner peace and clarity.

Terms that used in Human Design.

Design is the red column on the left and represents the body.
The imprint is calculated 88 days before your birth
Personality is the black column on the right and is the imprint at the time of your birth when the Soul enters the body.
Together they form your Human Design Bodygraph.

There are 4 different aura types.
(Manifesting) Generator, Projector, Manifestor and Reflector.

The bodygraph consists of 9 centers, each with its own meaning.
Head, Ajna, Throat, G Center, Heart / ego, Solar Plexus, Spleen, Sacral and Root Center.

Which strategy applies to you to use your energy to the fullest?
Are you waiting for an invitation, do you respond to what is coming to you or are you here to initiate?

What is your inner decision authority?
What can you trust in yourself? When do you know if something is right for you?
Do you have an emotional authority or a sacral authority?
Or “no” authority and then what?

These are the numbers of the lines that you will find at the top of your bodygraph.
These lines belong to your incarnation cross (Sun and Earth gates) and together with the gate numbers represent your role in the world.
For example: 19.2 and 44.4. 19 and 44 are the gate numbers and your profile is 2/4.

Example bodygraph
(click to enlarge)