Sense into your Soul

Serve from the Heart


Shine Forth

Sense into your Soul is about living your inner authority.
Learning to consciously tune into your Soul and to gain insight into your unique path of evolution.
The time in which we now live offers the opportunity for a great transformation for each and every one of us.
Transformation is more than change. It means that something is shifting to a whole new perspective.
Our Soul has the bigger picture of our lives and constantly creates the stage for our transformation.
Sometimes that can be enormously confusing and challenging for our personalities.
It helps to know that bigger picture.
When we learn to connect consciously with our Soul, our core frequency,
we will discover that everything we need to live a fulfilled life is present within us.
And also that life with everything that is happening right now, is exactly right for our evolutionary path.
We can use our Soul for guidance.

Sense into your Soul offers guides in living your inner wisdom

You can book a soulsession for which I use the following tools.
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There are no ultimate roadmaps
There is no quick fix
There are no secret mantras
There is only your unique way
and the deep challenge of
following your intuition, your inner guidance
in everyday life


Be the color that you are!
The intuitive human
You dare to wander, but you don’t get lost
You see that life unfolds itself with every step you take
You know, you are Life itself
You are okay with who you are and where you are
Listening to your inner voice
as your guidance in life.
You live and dance with your inner flow
like a river that flows to Source
Your true nature is Love
You are curious about yourself
Knowing that life is an infinite invitation
to live your own Light
Little by little you reveal to yourself who you really are.
Marianne de Wolff