“Your destiny is inside your DNA”
Richard Rudd, founder of the Gene Keys.

The Gene Keys are related to Human Design, but have a completely different approach.
Both systems are based on, among other things, I’Ching / Astrology.
Every Gene Key is a hexagram in the I’Ching, just like every gate in Human Design.
Gene Keys, however, is a path of contemplation.
The enrichment I find in the Gene Keys is the description of the different frequencies of the hexagrams.
What the bodygraph is to Human Design, the Hologenetic Profile is in Gene Keys.
But that’s where the comparison ends… Gene Keys is a journey that consists of several paths to walk.
It is a journey into the depths of your Soul, to BE who you truly are and live your life from that sacred space within.

Your keys are the map of your unique blueprint / DNA.
When you start contemplating your Gene Keys you will recognize a lot of your life’s journey.
Every Gene Key is a multi-dimensional field that carries all frequencies within it.
From the low frequency that we call the shadow to the highest frequency that we call the Siddhi.
The Gene Keys are about Being and Becoming and serving the greater good.
A true invitation to open yourself to your highest gifts.

Gene Keys is a path of “self-study” and consists of different paths, which you can take independently of each other:

Activation Sequence – the physical atmosphere
You start with the Activation Sequence. This is about discovering your Gift.
You come to earth with your unique gift. You carry this gift in your DNA.
It is not so much about what you do, but about who you are.
The activation sequence consists of 4 Gene Keys, your 4 primary gifts:
Your life’s work , your evolution, your radiance and your life’s purpose.
These are the same 4 gates that form the incarnation cross in Human Design.

Venus Sequence: the emotional atmosphere.
This path consists of 6 Gene Keys and is about love, friendship and connection.
Perhaps the most intense and most important path.
The Venus sequence is about opening your heart.
You become aware of the patterns that you live in your relationships.
Your programming which is deeply embedded in your DNA and passed on through ancestral lines

Pearl Sequence: clarify your vision, the mental sphere.
How can you serve the greater whole with your gifts and create a fulfilled life for yourself.

You can find all the information about Gene Keys on www.genekeys.com.
I highly recommend the book in which all 64 hexagrams are extensively described.