Today from the depth of my being
I feel a fire burning
Burning away the shackles of the past
in which I kept myself so small

Today I feel the roar of freedom
laughing in my heart
Seeing through illusions
that keep people apart

We are always looking in the mirror
of our self-created lives
filled with illusions of separation,
of competition, of comparing
of projections of feeling more
or feeling less than
than who or what…..?

Walking the path of awakening
is a rich journey of expansion
if you are willing to see
it brings into the Light
all that is denied

You are the only one who holds the key
to liberate yourself from old energy
stuck in believes no longer serving you

An old journey has just ended
A deep peace comes over me
knowing all is well
A new path is unfolding
of sharing, of connecting
of loving, of teaching
knowing we are One.

Today I rise
in Gratefulness
in Light
in Love

Embracing all who challenged me
who cheered me on, supported me
it doesn’t matter, holding my Self
I am free.