Fear of dying

I have been working in a hospice for some years now.
Time and again I am touched by the love and compassion of the people working there.
And touched by the way people are leaving the Earth.

The guests in the hospice know the final stage of their lives is here.
Some stay for hours, some for days, some for weeks and some even for months.

Some are filled with peace and trust, having a big smile on their face.
Some are sad they have to leave everyone they love behind, which is only natural.
Some are truly scared and want to hold on to life out of fear. They are afraid of the unknown.
Some really do not want to die yet.
Some of them carry within them a secret, unknown to their partner and family.
They carry with them unresolved issues and they fear what might happen on the other side.

Fear so often has to do with guilt and shame.
With the belief there is an outside force waiting for them to judge and punish them.
Seeing them struggle with this deep fear always touches me deeply.

How I would love to tell them that there is no outside force.
That they are about to continue their journey into a non-physical part of themselves.
Where there is nothing but Love, because that is who they truly are.

There is always this threshold you have to cross alone.
Total surrender is not easy for our ego selves. Our minds can not take us there.
I can guide you to the door, wave goodbye to your Earthly self, soothe your fear.
Whisper in your ear that you will be fine.
I know it will not take away your fear. It has been with you for so long

And then something beautiful happens.
All of a sudden this force of Love gets so strong it pulls you in.
Taking you into this other dimension of your Self.
There will be no judgement, I am so sure of that.

Every day we cross similar thresholds within ourselves, in big and small ways.
When the day turns into the night and the night into a new day.
When we leave behind beliefs or dreams we once had.
When we have to let go of our children.
Or of our health, our jobs, our relationships.
Of those things that gave us a sense of security.

Working in the hospice taught me a very important lesson.
Become as transparent as you can.
Free your heart from old pain and resentment.
Tell people you love them.
Share your worries, your mistakes.
Take responsibility for them.
Let go of (inner) judgment and forgive yourself.
Know that you are Love and that you are deeply Loved.

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