Dear sweet human,
Some words especially for you, when your life can never be the same anymore.

A few years ago I wrote these words for my dear partner Jos, but I believe it goes for everyone who has been through some life altering experiences.

Divorce, illness, death, financial challenges, losing your job, these are all huge events that rip the ground from underneath your feet.
Deep life altering experiences make that you can never look at life anymore the way you used to.
But still…that same world continues to spin like it always did.

You don’t feel anymore where you stand, what your place is in the world that for you is not the same anymore.
Where others still want to see you as the one you always were.
They tell you that you have changed.
And, to say the least, that causes inner and outer conflicts.
The people around you did not make the change with you..
They can’t because they didn’t go through what you experienced.
The only thing that changed is you.
Does that make it easier? Not at all.
It is a long process to let go of the old image you had of yourself and that others still have.

One thing has become very clear.

Because of everything that happened you can’t and don’t want to make concessions any more at your own cost.
You simply can’t do it.
There is only a handful of people that stood beside you through thick and thin and tried to understand what you went through.
Your world became smaller and smaller, a lot of people disappeared from your life because you are not of value for them anymore.
That touched you deeply and made you so sad.
But everytime you managed to step into your heart.

Then the time comes that you step into the world as the new you.
Still feeling a bit insecure.
The old ways are gone and the new one has not grounded completely yet.
The world may shape itself around the one you have become.

You went through deep transformations.
It is not important anymore to reach goals, earn a lot of money, to adapt or give yourself away.
It is about fun, creating from the heart, living in connection with who you really are.
You learned that that is what true richness is about.
It is not so much about what you do anymore, but about who you want to be in this world.
That is a huge difference.

Living from doing and reaching goals somehow always had a deep underlying feeling of lack.
That is how the largest part of the world is living and how easy would it be to do the same again.
But you don’t.
Your new way of living comes from Being, from abundance and creating from the heart.
That is your choice. Because that is what you have, a big heart.
In the connection with you there is room to relax, to drop masks and to continue forward.
Only the ones who have gone through deep transformations can show others the way to themselves.

You are that someone. Simply by being who you are.