Learning to be comfortable with not knowing and letting go of control.
Learning to completely  follow my own energy and trusting life to unfold by itself.
These were (and sometimes still are) the biggest challenges in my life.
Difficulties and life changing moments set me on the path to deeply dive into my life story and souls intentions.
I have explored many different paths to answer the following questions:
“Who am I really?” and “What Truth resonates deepest with my Soul?”
It has led me to finding my inner voice, my wisdom and compassion.

Soul astrology, Human Design and Gene Keys are three systems that have given me a lot of insight and have contributed to finding a deep inner peace.
They continue to do so.
The purpose for me to work with these tools is to help you see the bigger picture of your life, to discover your true gifts and find more inner peace.
I am passionate about contributing to a new global society, where each and everyone lives their uniqueness.
A society in which people serve the greater good by sharing their unique gifts.

I live and share what is deeply true to me:

Living your True Self is an inner journey.
There are no quick fixes or ultimate mantras

Our life is an expression of the deep evolutionary desire to grow and there is no finishing line.
Every person is free by nature and carries all wisdom within.
Answers to questions always reveal themselves at the right time.
Someone else can be a guide but always feel if something resonates with you.
If not, let it go.

We are all connected to each other and are part of the same universe / whole.
Nothing you do is trivial. It always sets something in motion and has an impact.

Living from your True Self means living your authentic self and being autonomous.
It means being completely honest with yourself, daring to look in the mirror of your own life and breaking through your illusions.
It is my deep desire to share my wisdom and invite you to live your unique wisdom.

Truly we do not need any tools. Insight in our journey helps the mind to relax.
The place to be is the silence within.

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