Last January Jos and I visited Florida.
Grabbing some sunshine and visiting our friend Penney Peirce, who lives there.
Two years ago we organized an event for Penney in the Netherlands.
Penny asked if we wanted to get in touch with a friend of hers, Clardy Malugen.
Because Clardy also wanted to bring her work to Europe and if we could play a role in that.
Clardy was introduced to us as an “amazing healer / energyworker and medical intuitive”.

We became curious and made an appointment with Clardy to meet her two days later.
When we arrived at Clardy’s place she welcomed us with a big warm hug and started to tell us about her life and the healing work she is doing now.
After a little while she asked if we wanted to receive an energy treatment.
Of course. Then it would be easier to decide if we wanted to organize an event with Clardy.
We agreed to do the sessions after lunch.
In the meantime she looks at Jos and asks him if he is aware of a spot on his back that is the cause of other health issues.
Jos and I look at each other in amazement.
Yes, he does. Jos had been in a car accident 15 years before and since that time there is a sore spot on his back. He has had numerous manual treatments, but the problem was never solved.
Now we were really getting curious.

Amazing experience during lunch

But first we had lunch.
The weather was nice and we sat outside on the terrace of an Italian restaurant.
The conversation soon turned towards the question: what happens in your energy treatments?
Clardy looked at me and says: “it is a zap of really high frequency source energy, but I can’t really give words to what happens.“
With these words she somehow triggers something in me that touches me deeply.
The feeling of not being able to give words to something that I know to be so true on the inside.
The deep knowing that true healing can take place just by being present with someone.
I get tears in my eyes and when I look at Clardy I see tears in her eyes too.
At that moment, totally unexpected, some connection seems to open up between us and I feel a zap of energy.
She smiles and says: “you have had your healing.”
My response was one of surprise and I said: Really?, and jokingly I said.
“I would have wanted to be more consciously aware of it.”
But I felt that this was perfect.
Since we already had the agreement to do a healing, it may have been unexpected, but truly meant to be like this for me.
Just want to make clear that this is not how Clardy normally gives her healings.

Shortly after the healing moment I felt myself shifting into a different state of consciousness.
I tried to have some polite conversation with Jos and Clardy, but she smiles at me and says:
“don’t try” it is not going to work to have a conversation, just relax.”

Stretched out on her couch

After lunch we drove back to Clardy’s place and she told me to lie on her couch while she would give Jos an energy treatment.
She looks at Jos, makes two short “moves” with her hands.
Her energy zap moment takes less than 5 minutes and I see a shift taking place in Jos.
I guess if I wouldn’t have been there I would not have believed it.

So now Jos is lying on the other couch.
It really felt a bit embarrassing, because we had not discussed her visit to the Netherlands yet.
Around 4.30 pm I feel up to driving back to the hotel. We went straight to bed and woke up around 8.00 am the next morning. Until today the painful spot on Jos’ back has not returned.

More insight about my healing moment

The next day we met again and spoke about her visit to the Netherlands.
Because we are convinced she has something special to share.

I felt different after my healing but couldn’t really explain yet what had shifted.
My mind wanted some explanation.
I asked Clardy if she could share with me some more detail about what was healed during lunch the day before.
She said: “you had an energyfield from childhood that was stuck between your sacrum and your solar plexus. The imprint was: I am not good enough and you have been trying to fix that for a long long time. That energy field has shifted now.
And while talking about it, I feel again some energy is being transmitted.

A total reset
So this is what she does also.
She can “remove” energy fields that come from deep old beliefs or trauma’s.
The next day we flew back to the Netherlands.
At home I deeply feel what had shifted in me and the impact the energy treatment has had.

This is the best way I can describe it:
My whole life I had been looking through a certain set of glasses, that came from a deep belief that colored my life. I was aware of it, but not knowing it was still so strongly present in my energy field, so it remained a subconscious stumbling block.
After removing those glasses by taking away the energyfield, my reality looked completely different.

The first week I was totally disoriented. My ego tried to reconnect to a field that was no longer there. It felt as if I had to re-invent myself. That was a very weird feeling I had experienced only once before in my life. Right now I truly feel different. I am in a different flow.

Treat yourself to a meeting with Clardy
So if you really want to manifest something new, if you have deep old patterns, belief systems, traumas, health issues and you really want to shift something inside yourself and receive healing, join us at one of the events with Clardy.

Clardy will be in the Netherlands from April 19th till the 22nd.
Giving a workshop in de Roos in Amsterdam and healing sessions in Amsterdam and Zutphen.
Please go to

Hope to meet you. It is really worth it.