Will you ride the wave or fight it?

2020 has left us with a whole new perspective of the world and I hope with a whole new perspective of yourself.
We are slowly moving into the Aquarian energy.
Aquarius is all about humanity, unity consciousness, True Self, uniqueness, individuality.
Not an individuality that is all about me, me ,me.
The me that wants more. More money, more possessions, the me that wants to go back to the old.
The me that seeks security outside of itself.
That is the reality of a me that sees separation and very often lives from fear.
The fear of losing control, the fear of unpredictability.
The me that believes it is right and the other is wrong.

We are leaving this era of materialism and outside authority and are moving into this era of Aquarian energy.
Aquarius is not predictable. It shakes up the existing reality in order to create something new.
That is why we need to align with our True Self and use it as our guidance.
The more we become aligned with who we truly are, the more we will be able to unite.
And the less polarization there will be.
Simply because our True Selves don’t see a world of separation, only the small ego self does that.
Let me make clear that there is nothing wrong with the ego self. We need it.
But does it act from love or from fear?

Transitions into a new era are always a bumpy ride.
So will you ride the wave or fight it?
For now we will probably see more and more polarization in this world.
I wish for everyone to respect each-others perspective and to realize there is not just one Truth.
Also to realize that nothing ever stays the same and nothing is what it seems.

The only thing to really look into is:
Are your decisions based on love or fear?
Are you seeking to connect or to divide?
Are you willing to look deeper into yourself?
To let go of the idea of separation?

That’s what I wish for you and the world.
That together we will raise the frequency of humanity by acting from Love and respect.

Happy New Year!