Just like the ice that is melting, you could say that the same is happening with our emotional bodies.
For centuries we let ourselves be ruled by our minds freezing our inner emotional selves.
Not allowing to express what lived within and to let our feelings flow.
Our masculine, mental structures creating an armour and a way of living that gave us a sense of security. At least that is what we believed.
The structures are beginning to lose their ground because we are evolving into a new way of living.
The feminine energy is rising and our emotional bodies are opening up as a gateway to a more spiritual and all-inclusive way of living.
Living in connection to all that is.
Creating chaos, explosive emotions and a lot of insecurity.
We can continue to project them outwards, causing damage and adding to fear.
Or we can start to embrace them within ourselves.
Shaking, collapsing, loving, crying, laughing while holding ourselves and each other.
Revealing what has been hidden for so long.
That we are One, that the masculine and the feminine are in perfect harmony within us.
Witnessing each other in this deep process of opening up to our True Selves.
All we can do now is be present with the deep inner waves moving through us and not trying to go back to the old.
I experience it as  a true rollercoaster ride with many highs and lows.
The energies of Light that are flooding the Earth right now are helping us big time
The warming up of our emotional bodies has begun, it can’t be stopped.